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JAMS academics is built around the Kenyan national syllabus that prescribes 11 core subjects in the following areas: Mathematics,Sciences – Agriculture, Biology, Chemistry and Physics, Languages – English and Kiswahili, Humanities and Social Sciences – History, Geography, Religious Education and Business Studies.

In addition to these core subjects JAMS offers experiential learning opportunities for its students through exposure to using computer technology. JAMS emphasizes creating a self sustainable campus through activities such as growing its own food, conservation of natural resources, rain water catchment, and a host of others which are linked directly or indirectly to the academic outcomes of their education.

Also, the students have computer facilities available for them where they can learn various skills such word processing, and also use the Internet for carrying out their research activities.

JAMS has a modest but modern library with over 4,000 collections of texts in various subjects and reading materials. Students and faculty have these resources available for them all the time.This collection was made possible by a joint effort between Bookfriends International, USA and The Rotary Club of Barrington, USA.

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Sports and Recreation:

JAMS values sports and recreation as essential activities that promote a healthy learning environment. Every evening, the students enjoy an hour of sports activities such as soccer. On Saturday mornings, students are immersed in their gardening activities, growing food to sustain the school. This culminates with an evening of recreational activities which range from watching movies to listening and dancing to music.

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