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Strategic Partnerships:

JAMS has strategic partnerships with several organizations to help for the cause. Below is the list of our partners.

• SANGO Association, USA:

Through our partnership with SANGO Association,USA, JAMS has been able to provide tuition scholarships for the very needy students. SANGO continues to work with JAMS in fulfilling their goals of providing affordable education to Kenyan high school girls

• Bookfriends International and Rotary Club of Barrington, USA:

In the summer of 2010, collaboration between Bookfriends International, USA, Barrington Rotary Club, USA and SANGO Association, USA resulted in the shipment of a container of books, mostly for high school curriculum. Thirteen schools (including JAMS) benefited from this collaboration by receiving between 3,000 and 4,000 books each. All the books donated to JAMS have been catalogued and are available for use to students and faculty at JAMS.
In addition to the book drive, the Rotary Club of Barrington, through Rotary International is planning to drill a borehole in the community. This borehole will directly benefit JAMS through provision of clean drinking water. Currently JAMS relies heavily on rain water harvesting or transporting water from the Muhoroni sugar factory, located 2 hours away from the school.

For more information please visit the Rotary Club,Barrington,USA website : Rotary Club of Barrington

• TeachGirlsGlobal, USA:

TeachGirlsGlobal (TGG) is a Dekalb-based action group that is focused on promoting the education of girls world wide. Support from TGG facilitated the purchase of 20 bunk beds for the girls’ dormitory. In summer of 2011, a volunteer from TGG, English and Women’s Studies Prof. Diana Swanson of Northern Illinois University, spent three weeks working with the students at JAMS on enriching their memoirs. She also helped teach Literature at the school

Contact TGG at : teachgirls@gmail.com